5 common doubts when you’re new in business and how to overcome them

When you’re newish in business, you often get caught up in your head, overthinking stuff, comparing yourself to others, and picking fault in everything you do.

While it’s essential to have a strategy in place so you know what action to take each day to get your business off the ground and sign up more clients, it’s also vital to strengthen your mindset and resilience.

Here are some common doubts that might crop up for you and what I think about them. Hopefully, they’ll help you reframe your thinking.

1) Why would people want to work with me when so many others do the same thing?

Because there’s no one else out there doing it the way you do, that’s why! You are the only person in the world with your skills and experience blended with your unique personality.

Forget what everyone else is doing and focus on the people you want to work with. Work out what their problems are and how you can help them. Then tell them about it in your social media posts and other content.

If you keep showing up and sharing, people will be drawn to your personality and ask you to help them.

2) I'll never be as good as she is.

It sounds like you’re spending too much time looking around at what others are doing instead of focusing on what you need to do.

Constantly comparing yourself to others is never going to end well. You are not them, and they are not you. You’re dealing with your stuff, and they’re dealing with totally different things!

As my Mum always says, you should paddle your own canoe.

Forget what everyone else is doing and focus on the people you want to work with. What do they need to hear from you?

3) I’m not loud enough / funny enough / clever enough / opinionated enough for social media.

You shouldn’t try to be anyone else but yourself to secure business through social media.

You don’t need to be hilarious, gobby or controversial if that’s not you.

You don’t need to be super-serious and use long, clever words if that’s not you.

If you show up as only you can, people who see the world the same way as you will find you, and your work together will be a dream.

4) I can't charge xxxx because I'm new in business.

Many people believe that when they’re new in business they should charge less than everyone else. I say boo to that!

New to business does NOT mean you should charge bargain basement prices. You might lack practical experience in running a business, but you haven’t suddenly forgotten everything you’ve ever learned in your career, so please don’t devalue yourself!

You have bucket loads of knowledge and experience, and that’s what people are paying you for. Have a little look at what others in your field are charging, pitch yourself at a similar level, and then show up consistently for your audience telling people about what you can do to help them.

You’ll only get time wasters and people who treat you poorly if you set your prices too low.

5) Something doesn’t feel right, but I can’t say no when I’m trying to grow my business.

If someone approaches you to do work you don’t want to do, you have all the power to say no. You’re the boss now, so why would you agree to do work you don’t like that will make you miserable? You might as well go back to your steady 9 to 5 and the security of a salary to be miserable instead. It’s much easier!

Listen to your intuition and if something feels off, then say no. Of course, you might lose some cash now, but you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache later. You’re also clearing a space for a better client with more interesting work to come to you.

Trust yourself and be firm in your decision. Keep showing up and telling people how you can help, and someone better will come along.

If you’re new in business and want someone to help you move through all your doubts and fears to set up a thriving business to be proud of, check out how I can help you with my Business Blast Off programme.


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